SKUTZ \ skootz \ n 1: an Artist / Silversmith working in Costa Mesa, CA. His art is his vice and playing with fire is his life. 

SKUTZ' work reflects the belief that a complete artist should explore as many styles and media as he or she is inspired by, or has the courage to attempt. And hopefully still eat... Favorite artists and influences are many, but Da Vinci, Monet, Van Gogh, Bierstadt, Vermeer, Rembrandt, Dali, Parrish, Elvgren, Vargas and Von Dutch/Ed Roth/ Robert Williams cover the short list.

Trained as a silversmith with the 200 year-old Porter Blanchard Company of Calabasas, CA., under such Masters as Louis Wise, Randy Stromsoe, and his father Lee Kutz since the age of 15, SKUTZ has had his own business starting in 1995 "Restoring America, One Teapot at a Time". From Tiffany baby spoons to the large brass and copper sculptures of Sergio Bustamante, he is a full service silversmith specializing in repair and restoration. That business has since evolved to incorporate diverse talents, from creating jewelry, building both classic and custom bicycles, restoring vintage items to his true passion, painting. He has been featured numerous times in the OC Register, Daily Pilot, and Coast Magazine.

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Sam Kutz - SKUTZ Co. Metal/Art


"If this were a 10 star rating, my experience would exceed a 10 star plus!!! One of my best friends had given me a Sterling Silver Spinner Ring over a year ago. Because of the size...(too big), I thought, "NO Problem, I would just go to the local jeweler and have it resized to fit my finger..."  Let's put it this way..., I was turned down by over 5 different well known jewelers and 3 other jewelers refused to return my phone calls. Because of the outside Spinner on the ring, most of the people I spoke to were afraid to even attempt a resizing, let alone would barely look at it when I had brought it in for an evaluation.

Out of frustration, I had heard that a Silversmith could size and reshape most Sterling Silver Rings. I turned to YELP and in a few short clicks, I came across Sam Kutz. Not only did Sam offer exceptional customer service and a  professional attitude but he actually took the time to evaluate and talk to me about my ring. We talked about size, shape and of course design.  He also told me that the Spinner part of my ring would still be working by the time he was finished. (By the way, one jeweler told me that even if he were to attempt to try to resize..., the spinner part of my ring would have to be glued or affixed to the base part of the ring itself...)This is where it gets better... I brought the ring in on a Friday and Sam had it resized, polished and in absolutely perfect condition by the following Monday Morning!!! You can imagine my amazement when I arrived to pick it up. The craftsmanship is so perfect and precise, you can't even see where the ring was cut and resized. It is absolutely a piece of art and I will be forever grateful and yes, the Spinner part of the ring actually spins! If you ever need a Silversmith to handle a piece of jewelry or I would imagine any other piece(s) of silver, look no further than Sam Kutz. He is truly an exceptional Silversmith and you will not be disappointed.

Patrick C.

Costa Mesa, CA


Believe all these Positive Reviews,  they are REAL!!! Sam is not only a Great Craftsman as he has performed many silver restorations for me; more so He is a "Good Person"; Moral, a perfectionist, and treats everyone as he himself would want to be treated.  He is super creative, and yet humble.  There are some tradesman, when you need something done and it is in their specialty, you feel safe and secure that it will be done well and reasonably.  Sam offers this very Service.  I had checked out several silversmiths before I came here and very happy with my decision.  I can tell you, if you have a silver or bronze item that needs restoration,  its a "no brainer" , GO HERE!!!! 

Kean G.

San Clemente, CA


This is my first review - Sam was so wonderful I just had to let you know!I had quite a lot of silver (sterling, plate, and holloware) that desperately needed to be polished and Sam not only did an amazing job on the polishing (some of it was very tarnished, and most of it is very detailed), but he also fixed some dents and dings.I chose Sam because he cares about his work - he's an artist - and so I knew he'd care about retaining the quality of the silver without damaging it with harsh treatments. And he DID take care of it. It gleams and shines like it hasn't in years! I know how much effort and time it takes to clean silver and I'm grateful he did all that work for me at a reasonable price!If you care about your silver, take it to Sam, he can do wonders! And he is genuinely nice and professional, as well. He calls when he says he will call, and he ensures that you are pleased with the quality of his work - which of course I am!

Ty J.

Foothill Ranch, CA


Having Sam the silversmith right here in Orange County to restore my sterling silver flatware was like gold to me. I gave him scuffed-up knives, scratched spoons and a fork with a bent tine --and all came back looking like new -- restored to their original beauty. It was far cheaper for me to buy a scuffed spoon off of Ebay and have Sam restore it than to buy one in mint condition, so I was able to complete and restore my entire flatware set. Sam also restored two silverplate pieces -- one a bent pickleholder and the other a dented teapot -- which now look wonderful. Sam's prices are reasonable and he's a very creative, personable fellow. I recommend him highly.

Kabo Kitty B.

Trabuco Canyon, CA


My parents had a 1930s, Art-Deco style, bathroom scale in their home. Over time, it rusted and the paint came off. I decided, after 30 years of toting it through many moves, to give it one more try to restore it. I found Sam Kutz hoping he could help, although I had been told by other "professionals" to junk it. Sam did a spectacular job restoring the scale, painting it, redoing the numbers on the scale, and replacing a long-lost, plastic cover over the numbers. Sam even restored the pads to stand on. I thought the scale was hopeless, but Sam more than exceeded my wildest dreams. Sam works in a tiny shop, but he is meticulous, honest, and a real artist.

Sam also cleaned and polished some silverware I had neglected far too long. Sam took tarnished and pitted silverware and made them shine. I also lost a snuffer (:(( for the inkwell in the picture and Sam researched the historical era and made another snuffer. Sam's prices are reasonable--far more so than "fancier" shops--he has an appreciation for antique pieces and keeps your items safely wrapped waiting for your return. And, he is an interesting guy. I give him the highest possible recommendation.

Henrietta S.

Aliso Viejo, CA


I took Sam a ring that I had bought for my daughter and they shipped it to me 1 size too big.  Unfortunately when I called the company they did not exchanges whatsoever so I took it to 3 jewelers in Orange County to get it re-sized.  Not one of them would do it since it was silver and not gold.  After getting 2 recommendations from co-workers to go to Sam, I took it to him.  First let me say that he is very patient, pleasant and just plain cool.  Once I was able to figure out what size i needed he had the work done the same day.  Decent price and very good communication.  I will go back to him and recommend that if you need something done, YOU DO TOO!  Support your local small business, his is worth it!  Semper Fi Sam.

Krystiianna L.

Phoenix, AZ


First went to Sam about 7 years ago to repair the handle on a silver plated punch bowl cup. He did a great job so I kept his card. Went back this month when I inherited an old kerosene lamp that I was told belonged to my grandmother who died in the early 1920s. It was very tarnished but he was able to clean and repair it, and confirm that it was made of brass and plated nickel, for a very reasonable price in less time than expected. I would highly recommend his work, his prices and the fact that he is very personable and easy to deal with.

Hazel S.

Cerritos, CA


We have a 75 year old silver platter that, over the years, had acquired some wear and tear. It no longer was flat, but bent; two of the figurines around the outside had broken off (one we had, the other was MIA). Sam cast a new figurine, reattached both, and straightened and polished the platter to a sparkling finish. As the platter is a family heirloom, we appreciated his availability when we called to check in. Thanks, Sam!

Luis M.

Long Beach, CA


Looking for a silver artisan?  Sam repaired and cleaned my silver candlesticks.  Candlesticks were my grandparents, so much sentiment attached.  One candlestick was broken in two and there was a hole that had to be filled. Sam assessed the damage and provided a quote.  I picked up repaired and cleaned candlesticks on Saturday and I'm extremely happy!  Highly recommend Sam if you need silver work. Sam is reasonably priced and professional. Thank you Sam!!

Robin H.

Laguna Beach, CA

 "We work in the dark, we do what we can, we give what we have, our doubt is our passion and our passion is our task. The rest is the madness of Art." 

Henry James